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Forno Bonomi is renowned for producing sweet, delicate and light snacks prepared with the simplest and most pure ingredients.
Amaretti (macaroons) biscuits are made from Apricot kernels, egg whites and sugar.
These crunchy sugar encrusted biscuits have a distinctive flavour and are bit size.
100% Italian ingredients.
Approval by the Italian Chefs Federation
Anytime of the day snack. Delicious dipped in hot coffee or crumble them to make a stuffing for baked peaches and apricots.
Benefits: Made in Italy, Approved by FIC, Halal Certified, Suitable for Vegetarians, No Artificial Flavours or Colours, No GMO

Download fact sheet BONOMI AMARETTI 200G

Product GTIN/CTN: 8002720151842
Product GTIN/UNIT: 8002720004100

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