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Sicily is one of the great fishing nations and since the 1950’s Pesce Azzurro has caught, packed and exported a wide range of seafood delicacies to every corner of the world. The fish is processed on the very spot where it is caught. The factory is located near the fishing port of Cefalù in Sicily, Italy. The processing and preserving of products is entirely by hand, by skilful and expert workers in accordance with the most ancient Sicilian traditions, handed down by local fishermen since ancient times. Ready to eat Pesce Azzurro marinated sardine fillets.
All the cleaning and filleting of each sardine is already done for you even marinated in white wine vinegar and vacuumed pack in oil ready for you to use.
Open and enjoy.
The quality of these fish products is exceptional and beautifully presented in clear-film, vacuum-sealed trays for maximum freshness and appeal.
Simply eat with bread or toast, add a slice of tomato or a squeeze of lemon juice. Let your imagination run wild and add them to any pasta dish hot, or cold, risotto, salads, even pizzas.
Benefits: Product of Italy, Natural Source of Omega 3, No Artificial Flavour and Colours

Product GTIN/CTN: 18019918280229
Product GTIN/UNIT: 8019918280222

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