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Belgioioso is a town in the Province of Pavia, region of Lombardy (northern Italy) and the home to Riso Principe since 1910. It is here where the beauty of the countryside allows the production of authentic and outstanding Italian rice. Italian rice cultivation is concentrated here in the Po Valley and the Italian varieties grown are the most original, Arborio and Carnaroli.
Preferred choice of top chefs and home cooks for its distinctive creaminess.
Taste of Tradition: Riso Principe’s Carnaroli rice is particularly recommended for creamy risottos or rice-based dishes.
Has the capacity to absorb large amounts of liquid stock whilst being able to maintain its composure and not break down.
Superior quality rice: Big and rich grains with a high amylose content, which prevents this type of rice from overcooking.
Cooks in 16 - 18 minutes
Vacuum Packed
Benefits: Product of Italy, 100% Vegan, Suitable for Vegetarians, No artificial flavours or colours, No GMO

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