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Squisito Artisan Regional pasta range is our traditional craft artisan pasta making starts with using only the finest quality durum wheat Semolina. The natural drying process captures the regional Italian flavours and colours, creating prefect harmony in every dish.
Squisito traditional Artisan pasta is made with using only the finest quality durum wheat semolina.
Extruded through traditional ‘bronze dies’ creating a textured pasta with a rough surface, allowing sauces to stick for a fuller flavour.
It holds its shape and retains its bite long after cooking which is one of the most sought after qualities of pasta.
Penne Rigate are a short, diagonal cut, ridged pasta, which makes it ideal for retaining sauces on the entire surface. The shape is a large tube with ridged external surface and a large diameter and thickness, which makes it perfect for holding sauces.
Perfect for: Best with chunkier meat or vegetable-based sauces, and spicy tomato-based sauces. Also excellent for oven baked pasta dishes.
Country of Origin: Product of Italy Benefits: 100% Vegan, Suitable for Vegetarians, No artificial flavours or colours and No GMO

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Product GTIN/UNIT: 9314820028504

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